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Hi there!

You’ve clicked the tab to see what I’ve got to say about myself, haven’t you? Well – let’s see…..

I can be a gal of many or few words, though observers would tag me as the first. I have a great rapport with people and I truly believe a well-captured image is the result of the energy between photographer and subject.

I’ve held a camera in my hand since I was a young child. When I was a teenager I graduated to SLR and my father built me a darkroom. What an amazing opportunity to venture into the realm of black and white processing.

I am always with camera close at hand. Nowadays, every image is shot in digital format, though I still treasure my starter camera. Rarely does a day pass that I have not clicked the shutter just once. It’s similar to eating a potato chip – It’s hard to stop at just one.

I am drawn to images that catch my eye; whether it be floral, landscape, architecture, people, pets or random subjects.
As a self-confessed kitchen witch, I also have a huge collection of food images. I am a colour junkie. My favourite colours are yellow and black; as different as night and day. I treat my eyes by splashing in shades of purple or pink.

I adore living in Canada and experiencing the change of seasons. Each season brings forth such beauty in its own way; icicles glistening in the afternoon sun, spring blossoms after a soft rain, a colourful display of a regatta at sunset on the lake, and the golden colours of our national emblem, the maple leaf.

Aside from my work as an artist, I also enjoy knitting, gardening, baking and writing.

I look forward to sharing the world as it passes before my eyes. In that one split second – to capture a reminder of how glorious the day was, or the happiness on a child’s face, the mood at an event, history of a town, glimpse of new life or simply sharing life as I find it.


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