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A circle of sunshine


From a young age, we prompt our offspring to learn the word “cheese” in reference to smiling for the camera. Thus comes the phrase “cheesy grin”.

A smile lightens up the room. It greets us with such good energy and encourages us to offer the same in return to the greeter. A smile is infectious. It brightens our mood and warms our heart. A smile is universal and no words are ever needed when greeting a stranger or someone who speaks a different language than us.

A smile is the very first facial response all new parents eagerly anticipate. Although it takes some weeks for a smile to emerge on a new baby’s face, it has been said that babies in utero smile.

A smile takes only 17 muscles in the face to perform whereas a frown takes 43 muscles.

A smile can calm tension, stress and a bad mood.

There are few things in life that invoke a smile like that of a baby or child.

Now consider how very fortunate we are to have a child that naturally smiles for us. We kiss that face, those cheeks and hug their happy bodies. When tears fall, we do our very best to bring back that smile for both the child and ourselves.

As both a photographer of children’s smiles and one that believes wholeheartedly in giving back to community and the world in general, I decided to become a Smile Partner with Operation Smile at the beginning of 2017.
Now I am not the kind of person that typically mentions my charitable gifts. To me, this is a personal thing. It’s kind of like living each day under the “Random Act of Kindness” umbrella. I don’t do it to impress anyone. I don’t do it for any other reason than it makes me feel good. Giving a little can mean so much to someone, whether they are in this town, this county, or across the world. Giving might mean I’ve touched someone personally or anonymously. It is my way of bringing a smile to my own heart and most importantly to others in this world.

Please know that by supporting me when you have chosen to commission me to take your child or family’s portraits, that it is also helping by enabling me to donate time and money to causes that benefit others. We are all in this together, either directly or indirectly.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to gift others in ways that will no doubt be a gift they will treasure always.

Pass along your smile, it’s the one gift that costs nothing to give and the return is priceless.
It’s like a circle of sunshine dancing in your heart.

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